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ZV8 611.0.1

A fundamentally new lever deadlock on the basis of the patents
No 2387774 and No 2504632.

The METTEM Leader lock is a highly innovative heavy mortice lock, which enhances the security of your home. The lock is highly resistant to unauthorised operation. Its unique construction with unsprung levers means that breakage is eliminated and the use of try-out keys is removed.

  • The method of picking up each individual lever to detect the relationship between the bolt stump and the gate of the lever is virtually impossible because the Leader lock does not employ lever springs. In addition to this the detent which prevents lever overlift during normal operation is activated independently as soon as the bolt stump makes contact with any lever bar.
  • Using more than one million differs the possibility of defeating the lock using try out keys is effectively eliminated
  • The use of hardened alloys on components vulnerable to a drill attack are used during construction of the lock.
  • The lock includes a designed weakened link between the primary gear and secondary gear that drives the bolt to eliminate torque attacks that attempt to break the bolt stump.
  • The traditional way of picking a lever lock by applying pressure on the bolt which then forces the bolt stump up against the bars on the levers in order to detect the gates in the levers is not possible with the Leader Lock.
  • The other traditional method of attempting to gain entry using torque attack is also prevented by the unique design on the Leader Lock.
  • The construction of the Leader lock has been designed so that lever springs are not required, this prevents excessive wear and ensures that the lock functions securely for many years.
  • Mettem is renowned for its traditionally high manufacturing quality.



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