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New models

ZV8 518.T-P

ZV8 518.T-P (Modulus-S 2/3) is an absolutely new type of mortice lever locks. The mechanism of this lock is patented (patent for an invention № 2648626).

An S-lever is used in Modulus. The name of the lever is connected with the shape of the new lever that is similar to the letter S. The shape of the lever allows using up to 2 bolt stumps in it.

An important fact is that Modulus can have two S-lever sets (upper set and lower set) with up to 12 levers in each set. So there can be up to 4 bolt stumps in one lock. Moreover, each lever has a special anti-lock-picking system. Thus it is obvious that Modulus is impossible to pick using all known non-destructive methods.

The shape of the key of Modulus-S 2/3 is also special. Modulus’s key has 2 pushing teeth. A pushing tooth is part of a key bit which sets the rack bar in motion. The pushing teeth are situated at the edges of the bits.

Modulus-S 2/3 case is also patented (patent on a useful model 176247).  It’s not a box case. It consists of two parts one of which (with bolt holes) covers the back part with the side wall. The two parts are interlocked.


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