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Published: 25.03.2019

“METTEM-PRODUCTION OOO” (Limited Liability Company) presents an absolutely new product – a line of mortice lever locks Modulus-S 2/3 (ZV8 518, ZV11 518). The mechanism of these locks is patented (patent for an invention № 2648626) and due to several parameters has no analogues in the world. That is why it is necessary to describe the new mechanism in details.

S-lever and 4 bolt stumps

The new mechanism is a lever lock. Certainly, such type of mechanism itself isn’t new. But the difference of Modulus is in the lever shape. It completely differs from the one traditionally used in lever locks.

An S-lever is used in Modulus. The name of the lever is connected with the shape of the new lever that is similar to the letter S. The shape of the lever allows using up to 2 bolt stumps in it.

Here it should be explained what a bolt stump is. This is a lever mechanism element which moves through the gatings while the key turning. With the traditional shape of the lever it’s technically impossible to use more than one bolt stump. An S-lever completely changes the idea of the number of bolt stumps used in a lever lock.

Especially for the S-lever it has been developed an anti-lock-picking system. Its action principle is in some ways similar to Cisa’s ALPS. But it’s not an ALPS’s copy (ALPS is patented by Cisa). METTEM has developed its own system also patented.

An important fact is that Modulus can have two S-lever sets (upper set and lower set) with up to 12 levers in each set. So there can be up to 4 bolt stumps in one lock. Moreover, each lever has a special anti-lock-picking system. Thus it is obvious that Modulus is impossible to pick using all known non-destructive methods.


The shape of the key of Modulus-S 2/3 is also special. The shape itself isn’t unknown for locksmiths. However it isn’t used in practice.

Modulus’s key has 2 pushing teeth. A pushing tooth is part of a key bit which sets the rack bar in motion. The pushing teeth are situated at the edges of the bits. Some Italian manufacturers also use 2 pushing teeth in their keys, but they are situated in the middle of the bits, not at the edges.

Is Modulus-S 2/3 a safe lock?

Modulus can be called a safe lock given its tamper resistance class. Nevertheless Modulus-S 2/3 is completely different from all existing safe locks. Its mechanism is completely different, which has already been mentioned above. Moreover, safe locks usually have one key half-turn whereas Modulus has four key half-turns.

All existing safe locks with 2 lever sets (basically German and Swedish products) are very expensive whereas Modulus is going to be considerably cheaper. And at the same time many of its characteristics surpass European safe locks

A product line based on Modulus

Locks ZV8 (mortice lever deadlocks) are being produced the first of the product line. The next type to be produced based on Modulus is ZV11. These are mortice lever sashlocks with a latch opened from key. And here we pay a special attention to this function.

There are two alternative schemes of latch opening from key in cylinder locks in the world. The first one was developed by an Italian lock manufacturer. The other one belongs to METTEM.

If we talk about latch opening in lever locks, all producers mainly use the scheme of latch pullback. This scheme might be uncomfortable to users because of the noise made in the process of latch pullback.

METTEM specialists have developed our own mechanic latch drive without latch pullback, but with a code combination. That means it’s necessary to dial the code with the key of the lock. Let’s analyze the key of Modulus again. One of key’s pushing teeth pushes the deadbolts while the other one opens the latch. This scheme isn’t used by any of Russian or foreign manufacturers. It’s also patented.

Modulus-S 2/3 case (patented)

The case initially developed for Modulus was firstly used for the cylinder lock case ZV7 318 (patent on a useful model 176247). It’s not a box case. It consists of two parts one of which (with bolt holes) covers the back part with the side wall. The two parts are interlocked.

What are the advantages of this case? First of all, the fact that the parts of the case are interlocked means that the case itself becomes more resistant to different types of force application. Moreover, the case lets make the bolt throw bigger without enlarging the case. It’s connected with another principle of the assembly of the case. Thus, the dimensions of Modulus’s case are 178x110x24,6 mm with the bolt throw of 40 mm. Bolt diameter is 18 mm.

Lock sets (variants)

Modulus is going to be presented not only with sashlocks and deadlocks, but also with different types of forends, with and without vertical rods as well as locks without forends.

In conclusion, it’s obvious that Modulus-S 2/3 is an absolutely new type of mortice lever locks.