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METTEM Leader: success at LOCKEX-2016

Published: 26.09.2016

LOCKEX is a lock exhibition which took place in Coventry from 16 to 18, September 2016. All the exhibitors were closely connected with the UK lock industry (lock manufactures, lock distributors, locks and lock fittings wholesale merchants, key cutting companies etc.).

The METTEM Leader Lock, ZV8 611.0.1, was displayed on the Apecs Consult Ltd. stand at the recent LOCKEX exhibition. Apecs Consult are the UK partners of “METTEM-PRODUCTION”. The unique mechanism used in the Leader Lock, which is backed by two invention patents, proved to be really interesting to specialists in the UK including members of the MLA (Master Locksmith Association).

At present such heavy locks as the METTEM Leader lock are not used in the UK, but the market is changing and people are looking to improve their security so METTEM specialists hope that UK customers will consider the Leader Lock in the future.

Another METTEM mortice lock which is being promoted by Apecs Consult Ltd aroused a lot of interest at the exhibition. This is the Lever X5 lock. The lock has exactly the same footprint as a Union 3G110 mortice lock and METTEM engineers have managed to do an extremely difficult thing by adapting the unique mechanism of the Leader lock to the smaller dimensions of the Union 3G110. The other great advantage of the Lever X5 is that the bolt throw is 20mm which will enable it to be submitted for testing to BS3621.

Lewis Beadle, an independent locksmith and lock technician in the UK is very impressed by both the METTEM Leader lock and the Lever X5 lock, he was invited by Apecs Consult Ltd. to advise prospective customers on the unique features found in both of these locks.